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    Politics are about feelings from representatives that often have zero experience in science or solutions. Technocracy is about solutions and finding the most educated among us to lead. Technocracy isn’t a new idea, and it is inevitable as an end-game. Capitalism requires infinite growth on a finite planet. Of course, what you see today is obviously the outcome of that absurdity. It is destroying our planet and humanity.

    Technocracy seeks actual solutions for all of humanity.

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    If you are passionate about improving the world and playing a key role in defining it, then the time has come. Pick up your pen and sign the future - to destiny - technocrats have arrived and our political struggle has begun.

    Fifteen thousand strong are needed - committed or curious. They feel it in their heart, know it in their mind that the pace of technology and the advance of science can be used for greatness of the United States of America like never before. To achieve this mission, it takes more than a website site and a name; it takes people who share a singular vision for a better America through innovation, liberty and the pursuit of discovery.

    We can change our history, and all it takes is your signature! 

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    It begins with Gubernatorial elections in the New York state. We are required to obtain 15,000 thousand signed voter registrations, of whom at least 100 shall reside in each of one-half of the congressional districts of the State. 

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