Thank you

Dear technocrat,

Welcome to the party. We have a challenging journey ahead and your participation makes it easier. Organize and share ideas with fellow members and the world. Create local Meetups, host Google hangout, get involved in your state and local elections. Write and share your opinions on what it means to be a technocrat; help the party to create its own unique voice. 

This year 2014, we will work hard for you to participate in New York gubernatorial elections, so we can establish an official voice for the party. Help us make this happen. If you live in New York state, then sign the petition. We need to raise 15,000 signatures to be on a ballot, and get 50,000 votes on election to be recognized by the state.  

Reach out to the party if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Welcome to the party.


Andrey "Ajion" Aleshintsev, Treasurer