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The Technocrat is more than just a technical expert in a given field. They are persons who strive to understand the the technical machinations of the world and how we as human beings fit in, they yearn to understand the human mind and heart and how all of these elements can work together to give our country and the citizens of the world a better life and indefinite future. The technocrat is open to their natural human curiosity and thirst for knowledge, exploration, and discovery with a desire to use the the technical knowledge gained from these endeavors to enrich their present and future lives and the lives of those around them. The technocrats expertise allows them to be creative and empathetic when it comes engineering solutions to the problems of their fellow citizens. The technocrat has the patience and vision to take into consideration all technical, environmental, and human variables when making political decisions. Most importantly anyone can be a technocrat, all you need is the desire to learn and grow.

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