Why create a new party?

To create a political platform for the future leaders that do not want to be associated with Democrats or Republicans. Create a party based on the principles of the information age and globalization; and to establish a centric political view for American citizens. 

What does it mean to be a technocrat?

To use technology, innovation and creativity to change society and to make it better. This is what it means to be a technocrat. Accepting the conscious change, as a means of evolution.  Accepting the challenges of emerging technologies, new social changes, new cultures and financial inequalities, while maintaining the moral perspective and ethical judgment.

We have millions of examples where creativity and technology enriched our lives, from printing press to electricity and internet. Even the most subtle of inventions such as: checks, needle, school grading, clothing, makeup, laws, numbers, potatoes, and millions more, made an impact on our lives.

Why such emphasis on technology?

Novel technologies don’t just change industries, they change everything from culture to government. More of such endeavors are ahead of us and if we become technocrats, we will achieve greatness by promoting a society of creativity, liberty, prosperity and adventure. Technological progress will pause for no one, and it will carry us until the end of time!

What is the definition of Technocrat?

We have to define what it means to be a technocrat before someone else does it for us!  Otherwise, it will be corrupted by the old mentalities, that are attempting to exploit the tide of change. 

In the age of information and instant communication, we are in the position to shape the better political force than ever before. While maintaining the mantra: technology is to be used for liberty, security, equal opportunity, and not oppression and control.