Technocrats are driven to use technology and science, as a foreign and domestic policy. The specifics of our policies will happen in our Technocratic assemblies and this website, but for now, let’s discuss the general direction of the Party.

We believe, it is a government’s role to facilitate and promote innovation, wherever it may be. To achieve this, a nation must invest and incentives STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Research and Development (R&D). Healthy and robust STEM and R&D will promote innovation and growth, which will stimulate nation’s economy and increase a standard of living. STEM & R&D is found in a variety of areas: government programs, education institutions, corporations and private projects; Each area contributes innovation and growth of the nation, and requires better policies, if we wish to grow economically and to promote a better life.

Our general policies:

To Inspire a nation and the world.

Instead of asking why, we should be saying why not! The government should challenge a nation with a vision of a better future and superior lifestyle. A government that is better able to project such a vision to its nation will inspire its citizens to be more and do more, while ensuring businesses that it is there for them to succeed. A government that is able to inspire the minds of its citizens and the people of the world will be able to solve any problem and be the leader of its people.

To Innovate by innovating laws and regulations.

Progress and innovation can be hindered by an outdated and inefficient law or regulations. It is government’s job to improve them, if a nation wants a healthy and prosperous nation. However, often good laws or good regulations are simply not enforced because of a weak political will. As Technocrats, it’s our primary duty to make sure that the laws and regulations are enforced, and the nation’s interests or citizen’s interests are protected, from foreign or domestic forces.

Be Insightful of our strengths and weakness

To make the best political decisions, we require a clear and objective assessment of the nation’s state in every industry, programs or agency. The self analysis is a healthy habit for any government to adopt, so it can learn its own strengths and weakness. The best functional government is dynamic. It is most prone to respond to the challenges – the fastest. Old policies over time can hinder or damage a nation or nation’s industry and require a political will to change them. It is easier to make a decision and a political change, when the data analysis indicates which policy, law, or regulation no longer working on a new political or economic environment. Effective and working policies make a nation stronger.

Incentives for Innovation, Production and Jobs

Government incentive policies are powerful tools to promote innovation, productions and jobs. A well constructed incentives will stimulate a healthy economy, promote innovation, and create jobs.

Some corporations may have developed a bad reputation for whatever reason, but lets us not forget that it is corporations that employ millions of people, innovate their products and innovate their services for us. Business of all kinds innovate their products to compete, but the nature of innovation and R& D is such that you cannot use an effective risk assessment or put a nice risk-reward ratio, and one cannot be certain which innovation will be the next big thing. Therefore, by lowering taxes, creating tax credits, special deductibles, implementing a unified Innovation and Investment Tax Credit (UIITC) and other tools to make sure that our business is supported in innovations, which lead to productions and jobs.

Invest in Innovation, Productivity and Education

If a nation wishes to a be leader in Innovation, Productivity and Education, then it needs to provide significantly more support for research, commercialization, technology adoption, technology education, and training for new or current technologies. A call for an increased funding for the agencies and programs that facilitate innovation, production and education should be of highest priority after the security and defense of any innovation.

The following examples apply for United States of America: Congress needs to dramatically increase investments into Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Science Foundation (NSF), and other programs or agencies. These programs build critical networks throughout the world that maintain a long term programs that support innovations, increase productivity and provide high paying jobs.

Not only do we need to increase the level of funding to meet the technological demand of the USA, we should create a National Innovation Administration (NIA), to help all sectors to become more innovative and competitive.

Technocrats' policies.

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Technocrat's basic principles

Technocrat is driven to utilize technology – invented or otherwise – into a domestic and a foreign policy.

Technocrat’s mission is to improve our nation with: prosperity, abundance, liberty and security.

Technocrat continuously pursues a better vision for our nation and humanity. 

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